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How you doin', Catch? How's Chris liking it in ATL? Don't be a stranger.
Yo yo - I'm doin' fine. I haven't been a stranger around here, just don't post as much as I used to. Afterall, with Chris gone I don't have any more opportunity to start posts about how Bob Boone hated Chris and did him wrong I still visit to read the various discussions. I still spend more time here than I do at the Braves board. That board is pretty flashy, but pretty low on substance. I much prefer it here. Much better baseball knowledge.

Chris is slowly settling in to Atlanta - getting to know people. The usual pick up and move to a new city routine. He is enjoying things over there and they seem to be pretty happy with him. Though the jokes have already started over there about how they are in the tank with him, and the Reds are on fire without him. He has already suggested that if the Braves need to take Florida down later on that they should trade him to them so the the team and the city will be visited by apocolyptic plagues and losing streaks of biblical proportions. I think he is taking it pretty well, but it does make a guy go Hmmm. The amount of injuries that the Braves have had to deal with this year have been amazing - and their stats show the effect.

Back to the thread topic. I think you would be suprised at how many people associated with the team casually read this site. Be proud of that here, but also me mindful of the eyes that will read your thoughts. I always try to use the 'would I say this to his face' measuring stick before saying anything, especially something personal, about a player.