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Please share your opinions, Dom...

(1) Was it proper for Michael to START this argument in a thread that had obviously become a tribute to Pres. Reagan after his passing? Get over the freedom of speech crap too. I am talking from the decent thing to do as a human being. Something that only seems to concern you when it goes along w/your political thinking (imagine that).

(2) Could Michael have started his own thread (that would be a first) to share his opinions on Pres. Reagan? He chose to START crap in a thread that OBVIOUSLY became a tribute to Pres. Reagan. Classless. Dis-respectful.
First, I wasn't starting any "argument." Reagan was a public figure and as president, we as Americans *should* look at his administration with a critical eye. That's what I was doing. Second, looking at the subject title for this thread, it certainly didn't seem like a "tribute" either (there's one now though, please enjoy it if you like.) This is a forum for discussion is it not?

You talk about the "decent thing to do", well if you feel a certain person was not decent himself and you strongly disagreed with him, why would you roll over and not say anything? This isn't anything like protesting someone's funeral (regardless of what some would have you believe) nor have I resorted to calling Reagan childish names (like some of his supporters have done with me) but my main focus has been his *policies*. That my friend, is fair game and yes, that also applies to Democrats as well.

Finally, as for starting yet another thread about him. Why? One already existed when I came here the other day. What makes my opinion so much better that it deserves it's own seperate thread? This thread OBVIOUSLY became a discussion thread, read the posts for yourself. That's the direction it went. There's a memorial thread now though so everyone should be happy.