AND received autographs from:

Wily Mo Pena
Felipe Lopez
D'Angelo Jimenez
Brandon Larson (sweet guy... even asked me a few questions and chatted with me for a bit)
Tim Hummel (really nice and friendly)
Jung Keun Bong (a little shy, but very nice with a great smile)
Phil Norton
Mike Matthews (a lil grumpy... I felt really bad, I mean, he didn't have to sign if he didn't want to...)
Gabe White (awesome guy... very friendly and chatty... was on his cell when he saw me waving at him, but even put his cell and everything he was holding down on the ground to sign for me and even chatted for awhile about how glad he was to be back and what a great group of guys the Reds are)



BARRY LARKIN!!!!!!!!!! (The poor guy was on his cell phone in the hotel lobby, and I didn't want to interrupt his convo. I literally had to hold my stepdad back from trying to get his attention. He disappeared for awhile, then came walking through again, still on his cell. This time, my stepdad had enough and waved him down. I apologized profusely for interrupting his call, but he was really, really nice about it. He signed an autograph for me, and even posed for a couple pictures!!! I am in absolute heaven... If only he knew just how much his kindness and tolerance meant to me...)

Also got an autograph from Marty Brennaman... Seemed like such a nice guy... Very friendly and accomodating!

(I'm in the hotel room at the Grand Hyatt typing this right now... I'm still shaking...)