I am quite bored today sitting here waiting to head into work. So I was curious as to what the posters of Redszone feel about the Reds minor league prospects.

I personally am not going to include this years draft class because I have no idea how good any of them really are.

My picks:

1. Ryan Wagner - Even after the disappointing early 2004 season I think Wagner has the arm and pitches to be a top level closer. ML ready in: 2005

2. Edwin Encarnacion - Hitting very well at AA for only being 21. Has 20-30 HR power potential and I wuld guess should be able to hit .280+ in the ML.
ML ready in: Late 2005

3. Dustin Moseley - 22 and putting up great #s in AA. Should be in AAA, but I digress. He seems to have the off speed pitches to go along with a spottable 90+ fastball. ML ready in: Late 2005

4. Thomas Pauly - Only in his 2nd pro year and pitching very well. 77/16 K/W ration in 64 IP..Yummy. Once Moseley moves to AAA, I look for Pauly to get the call up to AA before Gardner. ML ready in: 2006-7

5. Brandon Claussen - Much talked about, but has yet to fully get back to pre arm surgery level. Hopefully that can happen before next spring trainging. He's a lefty who Ks people. Hopefully in time he can get back to where he once was. Ml ready in: 2005

6. Tony Blanco - .306 .403 .588 in High A with 17 HR. To bad he doesn't play like 2B or C. He seems to be rebounding back to top lvl Red Sox prospect. Hopefully he can continue to produce at a high level. I would also like him to get his walk rate up more. ML ready in: 2006

7. Richie Gardner - I am basing this mostly on #s alone but those #s are very good. 81IP 75/13 K/W 2.21 ERA Not sure what he throws or his radar ratings, but those #s are pretty darn solid. ML ready in: 2007

8. Todd Coffey - This is a new one on the radar. Only 23 and putting up dominating #s at AA. It's hard to put a reliever on a Top 10 list, but he earns it. 1.67 ERA 32IP 40/2 K/W ratio. ML ready in: Late 2004, 2005

9. Tyler Pelland - This was one I couldn't really decide on, but his potential is as good as anyones in the system. Throws mid to high 90s and is a lefty. He struggled mightily in his attempt at A ball, but was still young for that lvl. Has gone back to Billings and hopefully will dominate and regain his confidence. ML ready in: 2007-8

10. Chris Gruler - Theres a reason he was drafted in the top 5. Hopefully the surgery has corrected his arm problems and he can begin to regain his velocity and start pitching his way to Cincinnati.

Honorable mention: Calvin Medlock, David Shafer, Chris Booker, Joey Votto, Chris Denorfia, William Bergolla, Matt Belisle, Steve Smitherman.

I did not take into account any of the current injured pitchers such as Dumatrait, Howington, Basham, and Hall, etc....

Let me know what you guys think of the Reds system.