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IMO, Felipe is not much different from Larson. They can both shine up real nice down at AAA where the pitching and pressure are not as good. As soon as they hit the stadium with the lights and the pressure, they look completely overwhelmed. What is it you see in Felipe that leads you to believe that he will come around?

Or, are you devaluing the prospects behind him?
yes on the latter

I think that you have a great point on the Larson comparisons. And FL has another problem-- Miley likes Larson, whereas Miley's not in FL's corner.

On the plus side, he's very young, he plays an impact position, he's gotten ML atbats at a young age, he worked hard to come back quickly from a nasty injury, and he was better in his second go-around. He's boom or bust, like a pitcher and not like most young hitters. So he's ranked within a bunch of the pitchers.

I forgot Olmedo. He's Lopez-lite.