Well done Jack. This should put to rest the notions that Jack carries a grudge against Larkin and Griffey. McKeon is a professional and chose Larkin for baseball reasons just like he decided to pitch around Casey and pitch to Griffey based on baseball reasoning. That day though there were a few here that called Jack all sorts of childish names. Let's see if those still hold a grudge toward Jack for the "stare".
I can honestly say that if I were in McKeon's shoes, Larkin doesn't make the team. But, like everyone else I am very happy that he was included.
Couldn't said it better Bill and Tay!!!

Food for thought... if Barry didn't make it on the team how many things would've been said about Jack on this board....like he's holding a grudge, the old goat has lost his mind, he was sleeping thru the selection process, etc. :thumbdn: