I somehow ended up with 4 good 3rd basemen... And I need help else where... So here are some of the trades I offered up.

1st Trade

M. Lowell and C. Sliva for M. Buehrle

His 2 3rd basemen are C. Blake and T. Batista

2nd Trade

E. Chavez & O. Cabrera for J. Wilson

His 3rd basemen is Corey Koskie

3rd Trade

A. Kennedy and S. Burroughs for J. Vidro

His 3rd basemen is Mora (DL)

Am I giving up to much? Not Enough? Am I getting Ripped off?

I need another soild starter ( Buehrle )
Decent 2nd basemen ( Vidro )
Then a good hitting SS ( Wilson )

I still have A. Ramírez left to use at 3rd or should he put into place of one of the trades?