Well, since the Reds chances are pretty much down the drain, I think I'd rather talk about something other than the results we're seeing on the field. The Pirates and Reds wearing of throwbacks this weekend got me to thinking about this:

Which MLB teams are most in need of new uniform designs or at least revisions to what they currently wear? Here's my list:

Diamondbacks: Are they purple and teal, like at home, or are they black and gold, like on the road? The best thing this franchise could do is pick a design and cap logo and use them all the time. This mixed identity thing just doesn't get it.

Mets: Get rid of the hideous black caps and take the black out of the uniforms altogether!!! No one further than three feet away can even make out the "NY" logo on those black caps. Whoever decided that navy on black makes a good color combination? They had a classic look in '69 and they went back to it for a time in the 90s, if I'm not mistaken. They need to dust those off...immediately.

Blue Jays: This one is easy. Dump the ugly black and graphite things they started wearing in April and bring back their late 90s look.

Twins: They need to decide if they're the 1987 and later Twins with the "M" logo and matching uniforms, or the pre-1988 Twins with the "TC" caps and corresponding uniforms. Their choice for the past couple of seasons has been to match the old "TC" caps with the "M" uniforms. Am I the only one who thinks that they're mismatched?

Royals: They had a classic, then they ruined it with all the black. All they have to do is bring back the ones they had. It wasn't broke, so why the "fix"?

Five other teams have good designs, but a color shift here and there would help:

Marlins: Nice design, the same one they started with in '93. But must there be SO much black? Black logo on a black cap/helmet? See: Mets. Just add a little color, guys, and you've got the makings of a classic.

Reds (Road): Red caps and red sleeves, home and road. Please and Thank you!

Pirates: A little more yellow/gold wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't mind to see the old mustard caps brought back. Hey, it looked good on Clemente.

Astros: The only changes I'd like to see here would be a permanent change to the burnt orange caps that are now used as alternates, with helmets the same color. All the lettering on the uniforms is orange, yet the caps are black. Match 'em up, boys.

Cardinals (Road): Same as the Astros. The lettering on their road grays is red, yet they top it off with navy caps and helmets. Again, match the lettering and the helmets, please.

As you can tell, I absolutely hate MLB teams' obsession with using black. I can live with teams like the Reds and Royals using it, although I strongly disagree with it. But other teams have shoved it into their designs with disastrous results (see: Rangers alternates, Mets). I also hate the solid-color jerseys that so many teams wear as alternates. They're okay for spring training or BP, but when the game starts, put on your white or your gray.

What I'd like to see is more teams with bright colors, just used very sparingly. I don't want to see a return to the eye-numbing styles of the 70s, but rather more teams take advantage of the opportunity to wear bright colors as trim, lettering, and on their caps/helmets. I get tired of looking out on the field and seeing one black or navy team playing another black or navy team.