I saw the interview and Nux basically was asked if he felt the Reds were forcing him out and he said he felt they were. And we've been hearing rumors about this almost as soon as Steve Stewart was hired. Joe was very emotional about this when he was being interviewed. Maybe Joe is pulling a bit of a power play of his own here and is using his popularity with the fans to force the Reds to keep him on longer than originally planned. Or maybe his advancing age has confused him somewhat and he thinks the Reds are out to get him. Or perhaps "forcing him out" is an exaggeration. Maybe the Reds feel that even a limited schedule is tougher on Joe health-wise than a PR job with the Reds would be. They may think they are doing him a favor and are trying to keep him with us and his family for as long as possible. Of course Joe is a big boy and if he thinks he can keep going, it's his decision.