I'll say this, I couldnt care any less at this point if Joe makes an occasional mistake or two on the air. His presence has come to represent so much to the team and the city. Listening to Steve Stewart has really illustrated how great (and rare) Marty and Joe are as an announcing tandem. Steve Stewart has an unwavering way about his style, or lack there of, that really makes all the baseball action seem rather mundane and simply baseball. When Joe's enthusiam and passion are present, which is every night, Cincinnati Reds baseballs transcends just baseball, it is a way of life, a reminder of times when things were simpler, it is so much more than simply baseball action.

I know some dont and cant appreciate the little nuances that go along with Marty and especially Joe, and for that I am sorry. To me, I appreciate them every bit as much as the baseball action. I cherish when a ball can be hit to left/right center and when there can be 7 balls and 2 strikes. All in all this is obviosuly my opinion, but it is something I hold very strongly.

Absolutely terrible timing by the Reds, and on the surface, another classless move by an orginization that is becoming alarmingly frequent with them. Right now, I have no hope for this organization.