I have one opening guys. Here is the "ad" I have put out on various msg. boards for F.F. Let me know guys!

We are a 12-team local league (Greenville, SC) moving into our 3rd year that has a
couple of openings this upcoming season. We have a unique combo
scoring system that is based on the probability of a particular
postion scoring (ie. TE td's are worth 10 vs a RB's td's worth 6 etc.)
It is a keeper league (2 per) but teams are not allowed to keep either
of their 1st 2 round picks to keep things fresh and exciting. Also, we
have a very thorough rule book that does a fantastic job of
alleviating problems. We sport an incredible live, in-person draft
with a great group of guys. We have cash prizes along with a very
impressive traveling trophy for your mantle.

If interested please email me at: ffcommish@gmail.com

I will send you the rules and scoring system then. While it is
beneficial to live in the Greenville area, we have 2 other owners who
are not local. We are just looking to fill our final available team with an active owner who will add something to the league.

We do have a live draft, in person, here in Greenville, SC, but, while not
online, we have 1 or 2 speaker phones hooked up to accomodate our
out-of-town owners.

Here is the league site: http://football.myfantasyleague.com/2004/home/48345

-Eddie U