I sense a wide divergence of views on Miley. He's been criticized on game threads lately, particularly for his use of the bullpen. Others have loved the guy since they discovered he is not Bob Boone.

Miley pros. He is not Bob Boone. He doesn't change his lineup for no reason. The players play hard for him. He is low keyed. I think his strategies are generally decent, although not his use of the bullpen. Works cheap. Hasn't had major flare ups with players or GM.

Miley cons. Seems to use bullpen randomly (except the bullpen is so bad what's the difference?). Pulls starters either too early or too late. Seems like a company man; hard to see a positive influence coming from him. Took him a long time to appreciate talents of WMP.

On balance, I would keep Miley next year, but only because Reds are too cheap to get a difference maker to manage the team. Views?