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It's the hard plate in a bulletproof vest, boys and girls. When the plates are stitched in they layer kevlar around it to support the plate and offer extra protection, it tends to bulk that area up. I worked for the Secret Service for years; it's not uncommon for Presidents to wear vests during debates or public events, especially for Bush. According to some friends of mine still working their he wears one quite often. I’m surprised he wears one as often as he does, they are very uncomfortable and hot. You typically sweat you rear end off wearing one of those things.

As for the White House saying it wasn't a vest, of course that's what they say. They will never tell you the truth on anything regarding protection details. It's Secret Service policy to NEVER divulge any information regarding presidential security.

Well, doesn't the Secret Service have to give the same protection to the challenger (maybe not exactly the same, but close.) So a good reason the white house doesn't comment on it maybe the "Wimp" factor. As Kerry not wearing one and Bush is. The Bush people don't want to damage their meme that Bush as a hero. I don't personnally think wearing a Vest is being a wimp, but I know a lot of dumbasses that do.