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What was Wilson going to bring? Nada, maybe not as much as Lidle brought by Augest.

Just because O'brien didn't make "moves" to upgrade in 2004 is exactly what your describing. Rebuilding. The sad thing is, the Reds didn't have a player outside Dunn who would bring in the kind of talent you want.
In July (at the end of which is the trade deadline), Paul Wilson's numbers were at their most deceptive, and most assuredly would have fetched far more than what they got from Lidle. He hadn't even made his trip to the DL at that point (unless I'm sorely mistaken). So, I'm not talking about August, I'm talking about July. O'Brien mistakenly thought this team had what it took to compete, and blundered miserably by pinning his hopes on a guy like Paul Wilson.

I was all for giving the guy some more rope up to that point, but the unwillingness to deal Wilson, coupled with a draft that stunk mightily.....Well, I've just seen about enough of Dan O'Brien.