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What moves in particular? Reitsma?.... maybe. I was never a Reitsma fan though.

But what others?
Anyone can cut bad players like Haynes. That doesn't take genius. A good GM would've cut him before the season even started, instead of waiting for pressure from the fans and media.

DanO did nothing in the offseason to even attempt to improve the bullpen.
He grabbed Jones right before the season started because Jones was the first body available. And yes, he failed on the Reitsma trade. If one thinks Bowden did a poor job getting pitching, I can't see how one can complement O'Brien.
Basically, none of DanO's moves provided more than a 1/2 season bandaid.
And then out of desparation, he moved up some guys from AAA, like Hudson and Claussen, and had mixed results.

We have less pitching talent in the organization than when DanO arrived, IMO.
And that's saying a lot. I say this because Wagner, Claussen and Acevado's stock have fallen, and Reitsma/Wilson aren't Reds anymore.

Getting Hancock and Bailey does not offset that.