The person that said in another thread that "you can't keep bringing the same players back and expect different results" was dead on the money. I like bringing Paul back. Every year removed from his arm surgery might bring him closer to being the horse he was projected to be as a Metropolitan phenom. But, this is the absolutel LEAST the front office could do this winter to start turning this thing around.

I am going to keep beating the drum, and I am sincerely sorry to those who are tired of hearing it... this franchise is rolling in cash. Ownership is just not happy if their profit margin doesn't increase by a certain percentage every year. They can afford to up the payroll signifigantly, to include those two frontline pitchers the Reds desperately need IN ADDITION to Wilson. They can do this, and they simply won't. Don't ask me to prove it, because I obviously cannot. But, we are fools to accept their cries of poverty, goals of being "competitive" and the constant stream of crap from this collection of buttoned down business geeks who care nothing of winning and play us for suckers year in and year out.

The Reds are one of the greatest franchises in the history of the game, and ownership is treating it like Colorodo Springs of the International League. I am sick and tired of mediocrity and contentment with mediocrity. I used to the be most positive poster on Redszone, but have been turned into a grumpy old man by these grumpy old men.

Start with Wilson, fine. But, there had better be more to come.