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Again, Wilson's ERA+, the stat that measures the relative strength of his ERA against a park-adjusted league average has been a below average 92 four straight seasons. Wilson hasn't improved one iota. Some of the external factors around him may make it seem that way, but it's an illusion and the Reds' purported baseball professionals should be able to spot it for what it is from a mile away.
Next you will tell me that some of the External factors are that he had the best defense with the most range and the best double play combo behind him the last 2 years. Then you will tell me that he got all the calls from the umps last year and that the wind blows into GAB more than it blows out just like Wrigley. I guess what I am trying to say is that stats lie and can be used to show what you want it to. Just as an accountant can use numbers to hide profits and loses. I work in quality and we use Data to our advantage all the time. If we don't like what stats are telling us we don't use them we use other stats to get us what we want. Just like what we do in baseball. Hey this player has an alright era and Whip but I don't think he is that good so we dig to find stats so we can say nope he isn't his VORP ( I have no idea of what this is) sucks. I agree Wilson is not an Ace but he is a good piece of the puzzle and his contract doesn't hurt us at all and he has pitched well enough to be a 12-15 game winner the last couple of years with a good bullpen and offense. If Wilson was with the Cards or the Astros the last two years I believe he would have been a 15 game winner each year.