Well I saw a great reason to never get a tattoo today.

This guy came to our office.

We had to take the room down to unclassified and I'm so not impressed with celebrity (or psuedo-celebrity in this case) and it was a pain in the , but I digress.

Anyway, this guy is in his late 60, a (former) Marine, and as buff as some 20 year olds I've seen.

But he had lots of tattoos. And by the time you are in your late 60's and you've had a tattoo for 40+ of those years, they look like hell. They were faded and saggy and looked smudged. They looked like when ink bleeds on paper.

But it did give me a new analogy - if I had gotten a rose tattoo on my um, err, chest back when I was 20...it would be a long stem by now.