I can't handle something I have so litte control over. My team has been pretty close to the top of my league almost the whole season. I've been so incredibly unlucky the last three weeks, I'm beginning to wonder what I did to upset the football gods.

Last week, if Ashley Lelie doesn't get tripped up by the ankle on the 3 yard line, I win that game and clinch a playoff spot. That's just one example from last week.

This week, I had a huge week on the afternoon games and still had Jake Plummer and Ryan Longwell going in the late games. Plummer gets me NEGATIVE points after averaging 27 points the las month. then, the Eagles destroy the Packers by such a lrage margin that kicking field goals wasn't an option.

The guy I was up against this week was down 34 points (that's ALOT in our league) going into tonight's game and he had Matt Hasselbeck going. Hasselbeck scores the most fantasy points he's ever scored and I lose by 3 freaking points. Our league gives negative 3 points for interceptions. Plummer had 4 yesterday with the last one coming with just a couple of minutes left. So ultimately, I lost by an ankle tackle last week and a silly interception this week. Now I'm in a situation where I have to win this next week or I'm done. If I would have won either game, I'm in.

One other thing. Four teams put in a waiver claim this week for Nick Goings. Our leaugue is such that it's a random process to see who gets these pick-ups. In the original email sent out by the commissioner, I wasn't inluded on the list of teams looking to pick him up. I responded that I had sent an emil earlier and should be on the list. Well, I ended up getting him and started him. I just happened to go into the website 15 minutes before the games started and realized I had him. I took Kevin jones out of the lineup who hadn't done anything all year and started Goings. Goings did well, but Jones went off and ouscored Goings by 5 points. Yep, I would have won if I wouldn't have gotten Goings off waivers.

I hate not being in control. This might just be my last fantasy football year.