OPS vs. OBP vs. BAS

OPS is an over-simpflification. It attempts to give a catch-all appraisal but in so doing can overstate or understate a player's value to his team.

OBP and "BAS" are better. The best TEAMS WIN games when each individual performs his role at a high level inning and after inning for 162 games. In most cases, this means top of the order guys need to get on base somehow/some way, middle of the order guys need to drive them in. Bottom of order guys need to do what situation dictates.

Better to appraise your top of the order type players based on their speed, bat control and JUST OBP. Appraise your "rbi guys" based on their Batting Average and Slugging.

On a basketball team if you have a 7 footer who can clean the boards it is not going to do any good to have him sit outside and launch threes when you have other players who can do that equally well and benefit from the 7 footer's rebounding. Within the context of this team the 7 footer's long range shooting is a relative non-factor. To give him undue credit/value for that ability overstates his team contribution.

For my boy Dunn, appraise him based on his batting average and slugging. Then give the list of how he rates amongst other players in the league. This is closer to his true value.