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m2, please do not put this guy on your ignore list.

i too walked on the dark side. and with help from you steel and raisor i learned that i can learn.

mebbe he can too.
TRF, you never walked in here for the sole purpose of arguing in favor of lunacy. I don't even remember what we've disagreed about in the past, but I never got the sense you were impervious to logic or dead-set against considering anything but your own point of view. Post long enough and we're all wrong about something at some point.

In short, I never saw you as being on a "dark side."

But I can tell you that my forehead's going unslapped a lot the past few days thanks to that little ignore function. In fact, from my perspective this has been a fairly enjoyable thread ... though I suspect that's because I chose to be selective about what I read.