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HOWEVER, I will say this, that fundamentally sound hitters don't necessarily "consciously" have to make the adjustments.
That's a complete contradiction to what you said earlier regarding "timely" hitting.

And there's no way in hell that a hitter who isn't sound "funamentally" will ever be able to hit major league pitching, let alone put up numbers by the age of 24 that few in the history of the game have been able to do.

To me, the fundamentals of hitting are 1) don't swing at bad pitches. 2) when you see good pitches, hit those pitches hard. Adam Dunn does bothe of those extremely well, especially considering he was learning on a full time basis off major league pitchers at the age of 21.

You seem to be complaning that he's not Tony Gwynn and Mark McGwire all wrapped into one player. That's like a stranger walking up and handing you $100 and you complaining that you were hoping for $150.

As for your RISP stats, since those are only based on ONE season we're really only talking about 34 hits spread over the various situations. The .318 is the only one that would really catch my eye - the others for that small a sample size could just be expected variance.

How many actual hits/ABs make up that .318?
Wait a second here. you're using these very statistics to make value judgements on Adm Dunn as a player. Now you're screaming small sample size when the data I list clearly shows a contradiction to your premise. And do you seriously want to consider what a player does in a very small amount of his ABs when he's 22 or 23 to project what he's going to do over his entire career? Are you suggesting that players at the 22,23 years old are a finished product?