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So it's classless for a player to go into the stands in his uniform, but it's not classless to completely bash one of the best Reds in recent history? Whatever Marty.

I only caught bits of the show near the end, but I did hear Marty bashing Brandon Larson, of all people. I didn't care for that either.
Yes he did bring up Larson as an example of a player that couldn't adjust to hitting w/ a wood bat. This just proves that just because you are a hall of famer doesn't mean you know what you are talking about. Larson had many problems but adjusting to a wood bat (as he proved in AAA) was not one of them.

I am also surprised it hasn't been brought up yet that refered to Bowden as the anti-christ! Does he even know what that means? If he does then I have lost all respect for him. Bin Laden could be refered to as the anti-christ but a baseball GM that had trouble getting starting pitches doesn't exactly qualify.

By the way I only listened for 5 min on the way home for work before I turned it off and this is the 1st and now last time I listen this year and I used to listen to nearly every minute in years past.