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I hear what you are saying about Hudson. However I still think you are better off finding out if he is a major league pitcher before finding out if he is a major league starter. If a foundation of success can be built in the bullpen perhaps the self-doubt isn't as quick to creep in.
I don't necessarily disagree with this, but unless the Reds find more starters I think Hudson has to be in the rotation.

Ortiz, Wilson and Harang are in there. And for the record, as I've stated many times, I am not a fan of Harang at all. But on the Reds he has to be in there.

That leaves two spots open. Claussen needs to be in the bullpen more than Hudson, IMO. Hancock is just garbage (again, my opinion). Therefore you have three other candidates all of whom probably belong in the bullpen right now - - Claussen and Hudson because they are both basically rookies, and Hancock because he throws slop. Two of them have to be in the rotation as of right now (barring any more moves).

Hudson is the best of that threesome right now. I think he falls into the 4th slot and Claussen and Hancock duke it out for that fifth spot out of spring training.

But it would be nice if the Reds had the luxury of putting arms in the bullpen before throwing them into the rotation.