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Oh, it's happened. And rather recently at that:

2001 Anaheim Angels

Runs Scored- 691
Runs Allowed- 730

2002 Anaheim Angels

Runs Scored- 851 (+160)
Runs Allowed- 644 (-86)

Run Differential Swing- 246

I've done some research on that in the past, and what happened in Anaheim in 2002 is truly historical.

But alas, where the Angels needed a swing of only 39 Runs to get to the .500 mark, the Reds need 157. To get to the playoffs? Well, let's just say that betting on a second lightning strike is generally a bad wager.
Not to get completely off track here, but how do injuries play into the Pythagorean? Like last year we didn't have Griffey the entire 2nd half and Kearns for basically the entire year. Those are arguably our best two players and they missed a considerable amount of time. You have to think our run differential would have been a lot closer had those two played longer.