"Huge pool of talented arms and bats"?

There are a few AA squads that have more talent than the Reds farm teams combined. You have to scratch to find two real position prospects at each level. There are some talented arms, but Chattanooga has become the ceiling for Reds pitching prospects where they either land on the surgery table or the plateauof development. To overcome this, the Reds continue to draft heavily pitching, leaving position prospects to come from the later rounds. The few higher position players they have drafted recently have been overdrafts.

Money or lack of has led to some poor drafts. Right now it appears they have little to show from last year's top 10 draftees. Investing less in Gruler than Kazmir now seems very foolish with Gruler undergoing surgery and Kazmir doing well. Votto is looking like he was a large reach. Schramek is striking out an awful lot for a doubles hitter and Edens has been having trouble getting outs in Potomac. Olmstead, Keller ? where are they even?

This year's approach to the draft is much more encouraging but let's see who they sign first and then more importantly see if any changes are made within the developmental staff/philosophy.