I am amazed at the outpouring of relief and donations by poeple throughout the world to the victims of the earthquake/tsunami. Japan has given $500 million. The United States has given $350 million. And many other countries have given what they can afford. Despite all the "bad news" that the media loves to share with us each day, it is a great thing to see residents of our great planet help others who live 1/2 way across the world.

Which leads me to ask... I wonder how much money/food/clothing the insurgent cause in Iraq has donated to tsunami victims? I wonder how much has been donated by those still loyal to the Taliban in Afghanistan? I wonder how much al Qaeda has donated to the people in SE Asia? I wonder how much Hamas and their killers have given to the suffering people in Asia?

Then again... they have already shown that people who do not abide by their laws or their religious standards are not worthy to live. They blow people up with homemade bombs... the blownup people are mostly civilians and not soliders. Human life and caring... not something these beasts in the Middle East understand. They do, however, understand people dying before their time and by tragic means. They do it to people all the time.

Disasters, terrible as they are, tend to show caring and compassion in people of this world. People helping people who they have never met and will never meet in their lives. Thanks to all countries and people who have shown their compassion for the people suffering in SE Asia. And please do not forget the bolded paragraph above.