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My boss's wife works in the front office for the Minnesota NHL team. He says that he's had enough conversations with FO types to believe that they are on a scorched earth plan.

That is, NHL declares an impasse, implements its last best contract offer, opens for business, hopes that some regular players would show up, and then fill the remaining roster spots with replacement players. And busts the union. And implements the fiancial plan they want.

He also said there has been talk about contracting back to pre-expansion number of teams and getting rid of Tampa, Phoenix, LA, etc. He said it's really only in Canada and the US NE and Great Lakes that hockey is truly viable in the long term.
Don't they have an anti-scab law in Canada? That would be a big roadblock in this scenario.

They may be on to something to keep the Canadian teams and some of the US teams like DET, CHI and BOS and the NY area teams and Philly and Minnesota. It'd stink for a team like Columbus which has only been in the league a few years but them's the breaks. Maybe they could move some of the teams back to Canada.