I watched a show on Discovery Health last night about face transplants...and I cried like a baby. There was a girl from Texas that was involved in an automobile accident when she was 19. She was hit by a drunk driver and her whole body was severely burned in the accident. Her face is totally disfigured. She was an absolutely beautiful girl. Now, she says she can't leave her house, its too painful for her to face the public. Her name is Jacqueline Saburido, if you want to do a google search and see before/after pictures ( I want to warn you that they are shocking and graphic). The girl has moved to Louisville because that is where the surgical expert team is located. There is hope that the first "face transplant" will take place this year.

It is highly controversial because they would be taking the face of a deceased person and transplanting it onto patients like Jacqueline.

Many feel this is not right because relatives of the deceased shouldn't have to "Face" one of their deceased family members on the street.

Surgeons on the team argue that if you take facial tissue off the face of the deceased and place it on another person with a different bone structure, the face might look similiar, but not exact.

I find this whole thing extrememly fascinating and am going to keep following this story. I hope that one day these people who have had their lives ruined because they can no longer "Face" the public, can have their lives back and improve their way of living from having these "face transplants".

I was just wanting to get your opinions on this as to whether you'd be for / against this procedure. I understand why relatives would be hesitant for their deceased family members to donate their faces to those that are still living, but it was reported in the show that 60% of the patients that have severe face disfigurement are no longer useful to society, they are shut in and never leave their house. That is truly sad. Something should be done for them, in my opinion, to improve their way of living and make them useful in society again.