Ok, I know I said I wasnt going to post in this thread but I am going to clairfy that one thing.

I dont base my vote one an ideology or personal belief. I base my vote on Economic reasons, immigration reasons, labor issues, foreign diplomacy, less governmental interference in mine OR anyone elses lives, ability to handle a crisis, social security, health care. All issues that Bush just sucks on.

THATS what you SHOULD have based your vote on, and if you didnt, your a fool. Its also why we have that crooked moron in office again. Cause we have alot of fools in this country.

What the religious right doesnt realise is, they are worrying about OTHERS lives. Well first they come for me, then they come for them, and then they come for you. Something to keep in mind the next time you throw away your vote. Cause govt inteference in our lives is a BAD thing.

I dont force my beliefs into your homes, schools, govt business. So dont try and force yours into mine. Most liberal issues are not forced on anybody. How does a gay couple getting married interfere with your life? In what way do the so called issues interfere with you? Why does god have to be in our schools or courts when it should be in your homes and churches instead ? Why cant we have prayers and statues to Satan :mhcky21: held in schools and courts as well ?

I dont see the Buddhist running around trying to cram Buddha down our throats and erect statues everywhere. I dont see the Jews running around trying to place torahs on the courtroom walls. Why cant we acknowledge Durga in the pledge? Why do we even have a pledge which amounts to forced patriotism?

I have ZERO respect for anyone who would impose their religious belief onto others. Especially in the form of laws.

In god we trust didnt appear on US currency until 1864. Almost a 100 years AFTER the founding of this country. And only because an idiot was in charge of the Treasury at the time. One who decided to cater to the religious right.

The religious right is becoming just like the Nazi party. An oppressive force of ideology imposed upon people. Voting out of fear rather then the issues. They are dangerous in reality. I worry if this country goes into a depression, we might not see the Nazi party come again, straight out of the religious right. Afterall, thats exactly where the Neo Nazis currently are. Think about it.