If you haven't seen this movie, then do not proceed any further. I don't want to spoil it for you (though I don't think there is much to spoil after finally seeing it : ).

BIG disappointment for me. Not one of M Night's best efforts IMO.

To coin Sixth Sense...."I see a dread movie" "lol"

Alot of "gaps" in this movie. A "secret" society somehow hidden away from all of modern civilization under the rouse of a giant wildlife preserve?

And then to find out those "they are forbidden to speak of" never really existed, but were created/fabricated in order to exercise control over the village.

It had it's typical M Night moments; but overall, a weak effort.

On a different note.... I Robot :thumbdown

We rentes Shaun Of The Dead, but turned it off early into the movie because I didn't think it was appropriate for the kids. I'll watch it later alone.

Looking forward to watching Denzel in the Machurian Candidate today. But gotta get it in before the Patriot-Colts game. :allovrjr: