Thought since it was a new year, we'd start anew with this thread.

Just returned from my lunch break, where I went on a little splurge at Barnes and Noble.

Picked up four books, all of which I am looking forward to reading in the next few weeks.

The First was Perilous Times, about the free speech, or lack there of in times of war, from the post-Revolution era to today. Figured it was a good topic given today's world and itís a subject I am passionate about. The author is one I've seen before, he's a free speech activist so I'm interested to see what kind of scholarship and what the tone is in the book.

The 2nd and 3rd books, show that I am on a naval/oceanic kick lately. The titles I picked up were To Rule the Waves about how the British Navy became a global power and Sea of Glory about the US Ex Ex, a little known story about the US first major expedition voyage, and how despite going horribly awry at the end achieved some monumental goals.

I also picked up the Lonely Planet: Britain travel book for my upcoming (hopefully) trip abroad late this summer.

So whatís everyone else, the regular readers out there and not the not so regular readers, have on their reading plate these days?