Graeter's Changes Ice Cream Lineup

It's a black day if you liked Graeter's black walnut ice cream. But it's a dream come true if you like cookies and cream.

Cincinnati's 135-year-old ice cream maker is dropping three flavors and adding four new ones.

Gone are black walnut, coffee and amaretto crunch. Peppermint stick has been dropped as a year-round flavor but will be sold seasonally.

The new year-round flavors are cookies and cream, cookie dough chip, coconut chip and Buckeye Blitz (peanut-butter cookie dough in chocolate ice cream).

Graeter's is also replacing its monthly flavor calendar with a season calendar, as follows:

January-March: Mint Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road

February-April: Cherry Chip

April-June: Chocolate Brownie, Tangerine Cream

May-July: Mango Sherbet, Strawberry Chip

July-August: Peach

July-September: Watermelon Sorbet

July-October: Chocolate Coconut Almond Fudge

September-November: Apple Cider Sorbet

October-November: Pumpkin Spice

November-December: Cinnamon Stick, Peppermint Stick

December: Egg Nog

Graeter's said the changes reflect what customers want.