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Rough Draft of Round 2 Answers:

Category: Media

Q: What are the best web sites to get news/info about the Reds?
JaxRed's site http://www.redsinsite.com
Reds' Officlal site at mlb.com http://www.cincinnatireds.com

Q: Where can I find a list of Reds games on TV?
2004 Reds games on Fox Sports Ohio: http://www.fsnohio.com/skedred.php

Q: Where can I find the list of Reds radio network stations?

2004 Reds Radio Network Affiliates

Athens WATH-AM 970
Canton WTIG-AM 990
Celina WKKI-FM 94.3
Chillicothe WBEX-AM 1490
Cincinnati WLW-AM 700
Columbus WCOL-AM 1230
Dayton WONE-AM 980
Findlay WBVI-FM 96.7
Hillsboro WSRW-AM 1590
Ironton WIRO-AM 1230
Lima WIMA-AM 1150
Marietta WMOA-AM 1490
Middleport WMPO-AM 1390
Portsmouth WNXT-AM 1260
Springfield WIZE-AM 1340
Wash. CH WCHO-AM 1250
Zanesville WHIZ-AM 1240

Batesville WRBI-FM 103.9
Bedford WBIW-AM 1340
Indianapolis WNDE-AM 1260
Madison WXGO-AM 1270
Muncie WXFN-AM 1340
Portland WPGW-AM 1440
WPGW-FM 100.9
Richmond WHON-AM 930
Sullivan WNDI-FM 95.3
Washington WAMW-FM 107.9

Berea WKXO-AM 1500
Burnside WKEQ-AM 910
Corbin WCTT-AM 680
Danville WHIR-AM 1230
Elkhorn City WBPA-AM 1460
Grayson WUGO-FM 102.3
Hartford WAIA-AM 1600
Irvine WIRV-AM 1550
Lexington WXRA-AM 1580
Louisville WXXA-AM 790
Martin WMDJ-FM 100.1
Maysville WFTM-AM 1240
Paintsville WKYH-AM 600
Pikeville WPKE-AM 1240
Richmond WEKY-AM 1340

Tupelo WTUP-AM 1490

Gate City WGAT-AM 1050

Charleston WCHS-AM 580
WSWW-AM 1490
Huntington WVHU-AM 800
Logan WVOW-FM 101.9
Martinsburg WRNR-AM 740
Parkersburg WLTP-AM 1450
Williamson WXCC-FM 96.5

Q: How can I listen to the Reds game broadcasts on the Internet?
Sign up for a year of MLB Gameday Audio for $14.95/year or MLB All Access audio and video for $19.95/month at http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/mlb/su...ions/index.jsp. [Also need to include info here about the new MSN Premium offer - anyone have a link to the thread discussing that?]

Also, WATH and WKKI broadcast Reds games on the Internet free of charge.
WKKI: http://www.wkki.net/
WATH: http://www.athensi.com/ (Click on link to WATH in left column)

Q: Why are Reds games sometimes blacked out on my cable/satellite/MLB.TV?

DirecTV MLB Extra Innings Blackout FAQ: http://www.directvsports.com/Subscri...ngs/Questions/

The following information is excerpted from a 2004 DirecTV FAQ:

If you live in a zip code that is within a team's territory, you will not see that team's games with a MLB EXTRA INNINGS subscription. For example, residents in Oklahoma City are in four teams' home territories: Astros, Rangers, Cardinals and Royals. These residents will see these teams on their local RSN, and on two additional local RSNs they can receive with the Total Choice GOLD or PLATINUM packages.

Here are two important things to remember:

In market definition: Your zip code is in a Major League Baseball designated home team territory. (This correspond with the home team territory assigned by your in-market RSN. Therefore, in certain parts of the country, a subscriber may have to upgrade to Total Choice GOLD or PLATINUM to receive additional in-market RSNs, and thus view additional home teams). You can find out what home teams you are eligible to view by calling 1-800-GET SPORTS.

Out of Market definition: If your zip is not in a team's home territory (as defined by MLB) you will see that team's games if they are included in MLB EXTRA INNINGS. If the team you are trying to watch is playing a team in whose territory you reside you are considered to be in-market for that game.

In-market subscribers can see Major League Baseball games on their local RSN or their local over the air broadcast stations.

You can see out-of-market Major League Baseball games with MLB EXTRA INNINGS. If a subscriber lives in the home team boundaries of a team that is not featured on their in-market RSN, they will see that team through additional in-market RSNs available via a Gold or Platinum upgrade and not on MLB EXTRA INNINGS. A good rule to remember is a subscriber will not see a team that claims that subscribers zip code as part of the team's "home team" territory play on MLB EXTRA INNINGS.

A blackout will be applied to both home and away teams -- even when the team is not being televised locally. MLB EXTRA INNINGS blackouts are consistent throughout the year -- the definition of the blackout remains the same no matter what carrier broadcasts the game.

Two national networks also have rights to broadcast Major League Baseball games: ESPN and FOX (the national network - not FOX Sports, which may be your local RSN).

ESPN has national broadcast rights for Major League Baseball games on Wednesday an Sunday nights after 5:05 p.m. ET (2:05 p.m. PT). Look for Wednesday and Sunday night games on ESPN, or on your local Regional Sports Network.

Beginning May 30, FOX will broadcast Major League Baseball games on Saturday afternoons. So, while you will not be able to see Saturday mourning or afternoon games on MLB EXTRA INNINGS, you will be able to see games that begin after 7 PM ET on Saturday evening.

Games on WGN, which feature the Chicago Cubs, an on TBS, which feature the Atlanta Braves, will be seen on Total Choice, Total Choice Plus Encore, or Total Choice Gold, Silver or Platinum.

Q: Which radio stations carry game broadcasts for Reds minor league teams? Are these available on the Internet?

Louisville River Bats Internet broadcast: http://www.sportsjuice.com/providers...hp?tname=lbats

Chattanooga Lookouts Radio Station: http://www.am1310wdod.nav.to/
Chattanooga Lookouts Internet Broadcast: mms://media.americainter.net/lookouts or visit http://www.lookouts.com and click "Listen Online!"

Potomac Cannons Internet Broadcast: http://broadcastmonsters.com/Potomac...ns042704-2.asx

Dayton Dragons Cable TV Schedule: http://www.daytondragons.com/news/20.../03-18-04.html
Dayton Dragons Internet Broadcast: http://www.daytondragons.com/streaming_games.html

Billings Mustangs Radio Station (no live Internet): http://www.newsradio970.com/main.html

GCL/Sarasota Reds (No broadcasts, and no official web site that I could find!)

Other Sources for minor league baseball Internet broadcasts: