Coming off of a couple of major victories, this seems like a good time to discuss the minor leagues!

We're answering one set of questions at a time. The 7th round of answers will be on the "Reds Minor League Teams" category. Post your answers to any or all sections of the question in this thread. I will compile and incorporate them into this first post.

Feel free to post links to threads if you think they contain particularly good answers or might be difficult to identify as such.

There must be other good questions to be found in this category, so feel free to submit those, too.

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As far as the form of your answer, you can either go with a "just the facts" format or make a post with full sentences as if someone had asked the question. If you want to disagree with an earlier answer for some reason, that's fine, too.

Rough Draft of Round 7 Answers:

Category: Reds Minor League Teams

Q: Which minor league teams are affiliated with the Reds?
Here are the reds afilliated minor league teams and their web sites.

Louisville Bats - AAA

Chattanooga Lookouts - AA

Potomac Cannons - high-A

Dayton Dragons - low-A

Billings Mustangs - Rookie

Q: How can I get tickets to a minor league team's game(s)?
The respective web sites contain ticket information.

Q: Which stadiums do the minor league teams play in and where are they located?
The respective web sites contain stadium information.

Q: Where can I find rosters for the Reds minor league teams?
The respective web sites contain roster information.

Q: Where can I find statistics for the Reds minor league players?
Baseball America has statistics for the entire Reds organization at is another source for statistics. Find that site's listing of Reds team pages here:

Q: How do the Rookie Leagues and Instructional Leagues work? Are there rules for who can participate in those leagues? Is the emphasis on instruction or competition? Why aren't they listed as affiliated teams in the minors? Do they have age restrictions?

More questions are welcome, too!