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Rough Draft of Round 5 Answers:

Category: Reds History

Q: Why is Opening Day so important to the Reds?

Q: I have a favorite player from a past Reds team and I want to get more information on him. Are there any good sources for this info?

Q: I want to know the all-time career leaders in some statistical category for the Reds. Where can I find this?

Q: I want to know more about the Reds' previous ballparks. Are there any good web sites with this info?

Q: I want to find out about a trade the Reds made in a previous season. Where can I find historical information on trades?
Retrosheet and have transactions listed by year, but not minor ones. The Reds Media Guide lists ALL Reds trades.

Q: Is it true that the Reds are really the oldest franchise in the major leagues?
No. They were not in a league for the 1881 season. The oldest continuing franchise is the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves followed by the Chicago Cubs.