Indiana people are such romantics. This'll really impress your significant other. :mhcky21:

Indianapolis Area White Castles Offer Candlelight Dinner INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 20 -- Got a steamy night planned for St. Valentine's Day? White Castle offers customers the opportunity to crave some love while they love the crave at eight Indianapolis area locations on Monday, February 14.

Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., cravers will be greeted at the door by a host and taken to their own candle-lit table with decorations and table covers. They will receive table service complete with wait staff. Reservations are required.

"We hear many stories from married cravers for whom White Castle is a special part of their lives together, be it because they met at a White Castle or because when they were young it was a fun place to go that they could afford and it has remained so for them. With this history of 'royal' love affairs, a special Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle is a natural fit," said Sandy Miller, area supervisor in Indianapolis. "This is the first year we have offered reserved seating for Valentine's Day dinners. It is our pleasure to offer this fun event for our loyal customers."

Eight locations in the Indianapolis area will offer special table service on Valentine's Day: 102 West 16th Street, 5501 West 38th Street, 5301 West Washington, and 55 West South Street in Indianapolis; 10705 East U.S. Highway 36 in Avon; 6070 Cambridge Way in Plainfield; 105 Sheek Road in Greenwood and 960 North Green Street in Brownsburg.

Reservations are made by calling (317) 269-4590 before 4:00 p.m. Friday, February 11.

White Castle is based in Columbus, Ohio, and operates 394 restaurants in 11 states. The company was founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1921, and was the first fast-food hamburger chain. White Castle operates 38 restaurants in the Indianapolis area and has been a proud part of the community since 1927. For more information on White Castle, visit .