Sorry for the morbid title, and in case you're wondering, the answer is no...I'm not planning on dying anytime soon.

Thing is, I always think about stuff I wanna do in life, and just saying that I wanna do it before the Big Sleep ensues gives me some kinda copout, or opt out or something like that. Gives me a little time to put stuff off, which seems to be my favorite time killer these days. Lately, I've been doing the usual. Ya know. Sitting 'round talking about the old days and the crazy stuff I USED to do. Now, don't go getting the idea that I'm some kinda lump or something. I'm a pretty high energy guy, but life's not been necessarily jazzin' me these days. It's winter, so there's no baseball, or good touring bands. I just feel like I've been watching things go bye, and it's starting to bug me a little. Life's pretty good considering that I'm basically an uneducated rube hayseed kinda cat. I own a condo, a couple of cars, a totally bossed out Pit Bull, a bunch of records, a great girlfriend, and a buncha friends I don't see or talk to very much, and business that at least pays my mortgage.

What's the problem, then?

The answer to that isn't as simple as I'd like it to be, I guess. Maybe being thirty is causing me to have some kinda premature mid life crisis (that's what my shrink told me anyway, and he laughed at me...Come to think of it, he laughs at me alot, and I'm starting to think maybe I'm not going crazy, but that's another story).

Whatever...Here's the stuff I wanna do. Feel free to comment, or even better, post a list of your own. I think it would be kinda cool if you did, but don't feel too overly obligated or anything.

1. Start my own Tiki Bar/Occasional Rock N' Roll club. Since the Kahiki closed it's doors for the final time (which kinda symbolized the end of my younger days), this town has been sorely lacking anything of substance. I mean that. You could plop yourself down at the Kahiki Outrigger Bar, talk to the parrot, order yourself up a Backscratcher, and just take it easy. The Sunday brunch was to die for. I know I couldn't do anything to that grande of a scale, but I could do something that captured the essense of what it meant to be at the Kahiki, and once a month, I could book some kinda blowout Rock show. What a GAS!

2. Start that band that me and my friends have been talking about for going on three years now. Problem with that is, I don't really play an instrument or anything, but my friend Jim, and his grilfriend have been or still are in bands and would love it if I fronted a little side project type thing with them. I can bark 'em out with the best of 'em, and I think I could write some lyrics that would crack people up, and I wouldn't be afraid to flop around on stage and make a fool of myself. It'd probably be a grade A hoot.

3. Coach Little League. Kids rule in my book, and I think it would be fun to go out and hang with 'em. Teach 'em about the game and stuff. I think it would be awesome to coach a team chock full of on base machines that love to go out there, wear the uniform the right way, play hard and not argue with umpires. My team would be a model for good sportsmanship, all the while having a totally boss time, win or lose. Man...That would be great. Of course, none of them would bunt. I hate bunts. I'd just tell 'em to get a good pitch and rip at it. Swing from the heels and run as fast as they can. I could also take them to Reds games and stuff. Yeah!

4. Travel, travel, travel. Four hundred year old houses in Europe? I wanna be there. Scuba diving with Great White Sharks in Australia (I'm a certified SCUBA diver, btw...It's been a great pickup line for me)? I'm there. Sushi in Japan? Yup! That's for me. Hanging out at the Villa Velour, home of the immortal Edgar Leeteg of Tahiti? I'm sooo freaking there! Surfing in Africa with monkies? Oooooohhhhh....It happens and I wanna do that.

I'm sure there's other stuff, like going to the World Series again, but I can't control that.

I just wanna get out and live life like it should be lived. I guess it's not that crazy of a notion.

Once again, feel free to post your goals, dreams and perspirations.

Otherwise, I'm gonna go back to feeling crazy again.