Since we upgraded the board to the latest version of the vBulletin software a while back, we haven't had the forum rules at the bottom of each page because they did not successfully import over to the new version. It was something I was aware of but I wanted the same rules - word for word - before I put them back up. Over in the Hall of Fame forum, Bob Borkowski mentioned that he had found an old copy of the site that had the rules I was looking for. I have readded them at the bottom of each style, along with links to private message the administrators and moderators. I just wanted to remind everyone of these, particularly because we've had so many new users lately, but I also think it would be a good idea for forum 'veterans' to reread them as well. Play by the rules and you'll fit in just fine...if you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact an admin or moderator. Thanks for your cooperation and as the last rule states, enjoy yourselves!