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I'm bumping this up again because I've seen too many violations of the profanity rule lately (which, as you can see from reading above, covers masked profanity). The word b|tch, including b|tching in the sense it has been used in, is NOT ok. Not only is it a word I don't want to see on here, it is typically used in a sense that paints a negative stereotype of anyone who disagrees with your opinion. From here on out, there won't be anymore first warnings - this is your warning.
OK, since I seem to have missed the posts in question and I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to, what is wrong with the word(s) *****/*****ing, both of which are found in my desk dictionary (Websters' New World)? If it was used as some sort of profanity, I can see it but if it's used within a dictionary defined way?

The word that I keep seeing that would seem to be more of a problem (to me anyway) is 'freeking' which is being used as a euphemism for a word that begins with 'f' and means to copulate.

Of course, as the old joke goes: what's a four letter word that ends in 'k' and means intercourse? The answer is: talk.