i've got a handful, just within the last week...how about you...

first, gmac for keeping me on hold for 55 minutes, despite the fact that the voice message kept saying i only had 20 minutes to wait, of course, due to "larger than normal" call volume.
second, an at&t/cingular store that didn't have $37 in the register to refund a cash purchase i made. it was already after 1pm and this store had not made $37 yet? don't they keep money in the safe? now i have a refund on one of my credit cards and have to charge something to get my money back. if i wanted to charge something, i would have done so in the first place.
third, the applebees waitress who rather than giving you a clean glass for a refil, literally, just refilled my same glass. this wasn't too big of a deal this time, but at a different location, the waitress took everyone's glass at the same time and mixed them up. i really don't care to be drinking someone else's backwash, if you get my drift.