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Ortiz will cost close to $4M this season. Forget who said it in the other thread, might have been FCB, but this is Lidle revisited. Not a good pitcher, not much hope of being a good pitcher and his salary prevents the club from pursuing other options that might offer actual help (e.g. say the Reds could somehow land A.J. Burnett, now it doesn't matter because he'd put them over budget).

Worst of all is the Angels might have non-tendered Ortiz in another week, putting him on the open market at a greatly reduced price for no compensation whatsoever.
No offense, but the Cincy FO landing the likes of an AJ Burnett just seems like a pipe dream any more. They appear to either be not willing to trade from one of our few strengths or they're not willing to foot the bill for it, both in current and future dollars. As one poster put, I think a trade of this nature is about as good as it gets for us.