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tr, I don't believe that this trade really helps the rotation, even a little. I don't see him being any better than Corey Lidle was this year, so I don't view this as an improvement. See the stats Stormy put regarding his last two years as a starter.
I've seen the stats, also read every post on this thread. We've come to different conclusions based on the available data. I expect Ortiz to post an ERA somewhere in the mid 4s, give up 25-30 HRs (although that is the number with the most variance, I imagine), have about a 1.40 WHIP, and about 6 Ks per 9. Do you think there were any options we had before the trade that would post those types of numbers going out there every fifth day? Obviously, my numbers could be optimisitic from your point of view, but they are in line with his career numbers.

Also, I do not agree with your "hurting the long-term" conclusion. Moseley may or may not ever be an average major league starting pitcher and this acquisition is within this year's and next year's budget. It is a short-term deal. Not a great one, not a bad one, I think a little teeny little bit of a positive move for the 2005 Cincinnati Reds.

Just make sure to remind me of all this in the game threads this summer when Ortiz has given up four homers in the first inning