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Everyone seams to think that not tendering DeAngelo Jimenez another contract is a bad thing. Guys, it's DeAngelo Jimenez, Ryan Freel is a better player and cheaper too.
the play Freel at 3B and put Kearns back to where he's useful defensivly.

Jimenez vs. other MLB seconbasemen:
AVG 13th (270)
OBP t-4th (364)
SLG 13th (394)
OPS 11th (758)
# Pit 2nd (2715)
P/PA t-1st (4.2)
Walks 2nd (82)
RC 8th (82.5)
RC/27 t-11th (5.08)
SecA 5th (281)

FPCT 3rd (990)
RF 12th (4.90)
ZR 4th (834)