Nothing to be excited about, but also nothing to be upset about. Lidle had no present, and no future, with the Reds organization. He's done little this season to distinguish himself as someone worthy of significant trade value, and he's scheduled to walk at the end of the year. The return might be minimal, it might be more of the low minors manner of ultra longshots, but there is at least a glimmer of hope that an arm like Wilson can eventually be of some service at this level in the future.

Anyone can trade fringe MLB veterans for low minors afterthoughts. This doesn't hurt us but it's not the type of hard decision trades we needed to be making at the deadline(s).

P.S.: It is uncanny how the very people who loved DanO's acquisition of Lidle, are now equally excited about jettisoning him, and about the return landed for him. That's a prolonged honeymoon period in effect. What DanO needs is to focus on moving one of the high salary burdens, or "sacred cow" types in an effort to acquire MLB ready players in return, so we can start to rebuild the MLB pitching staff in earnest. Everything done until that is just spinning your wheels: What we need is a Bichette for reitsma deal right now, not another spree of "FAs to be for minor leaguers who never were" type trades.