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Does that mean you like this trade? And if so, why? Because the Reds need lefties or because you think this particular lefty has a future?

I was never a fan of Lidle and am so not sad to see him go - but the return seems to me to be minor league fodder, kinda a way to fill up minor league rosters and nothing else. Of course I am only basing that on the numbers I see from them, but neither Wilson (23 and in low A) nor Moran (no power, no walks, steals bases at 72% clip) impresses me much intially.
You weren't addressing me with this, but I'm going to answer anyway.

I like the trade, not so much because of the return, but just because Lidle wasn't going to be here next year, was not doing well, and so why spend any more time with him? Trading him opens a spot for someone else, and we need to see what someone else can do. Even if that someone else is Hancock, I'd rather give him a chance than to keep running Lidle out there.

As for the actual return, I don't think it's that bad. You never know which prospects are going to turn into something, and we all know we need some pitching. Wilson could turn into a lefty reliever and be with the club for a few years; that wouldn't be bad at all. Should neither prospect amount to anything, at the least we're saving a little money by not paying Lidle the rest of the year.