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I'm surprised by Sean's quote. Sullivan was apparently well liked by his teammates, and, if you are a major league player, you want to win this season, not later. The moves the Reds have made in the last few weeks may put a better team on the field in 2005 or 2006, but Sean Casey may not be here by then-he wants to win now. The problem was that the team the Reds had at the start of 2003 would never win a title.
With any luck, Sean actually would be the next one to go. And he is one that would have to get dealt with cash.

The Cubs traded for Tony womack so if that is the case, I guarantee there are teams out there dumb enough to trade for Sean Casey.

Now that we are done with Arizona, how about Sean Casey and cash to pay him the rest of this year to ARI in exchange for Lyle Overbay and John Patterson or Andrew Good or Mike Gosling. Sean can just stay here rather than flying home.

And I would like to see us bring Sully back next year as a FA along with Mercker and maybe even Guillen.