The Reds may play in the sixth-easiest park in the National League to hit a home run in. But that hasn't stopped them from plowing in this winter to acquire two of the five active pitchers who have had a 40-gopherball season -- Eric Milton and Ramon Ortiz.

Well, it isn't often that you see a team acquire two 40-gopherball men in the same season. In fact, it isn't ever -- according to the Sultan of Swat Stats, SABR home run historian David Vincent. (The others, because we know you have to know: Jamie Moyer, Jose Lima and Brad Radke.)

The Sultan reports that only three previous teams have employed two different pitchers who once served up 40 homers. But none of them made a joint entrance. So this is true gopherball history. Here are those other duos:

1964 Yankees
Pedro Ramos (43, 1957)
Ralph Terry (40 ,1962)

1966-1967 Tigers
Denny McLain (42, 1966)
Orlando Pena (40, 1964)

1972 Braves
Denny McLain (42, 1966)
Phil Niekro (40, 1970)