SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Michael Jackson in a wide-ranging television interview said he believes he "won God's smile of approval" for bringing youngsters to his Neverland ranch.

The superstar, who is under a gag order during his child molestation trial in Santa Barbara County, didn't directly proclaim his innocence in the interview scheduled to air Saturday.

This might be one for our lawyer friends here at RZ. I am not a Michael Jackson fan. However, it got me thinking when I heard a report on the radio this morning. Michael did an interview and was not allowed, per the gag order, to discuss the case at hand.

My question... why can't he discuss it? The man(?) is charged with a felony crime and if found guilty would more than likely be sentenced to jail. But he is not allowed to speak about his professed innocence in this case... outside of the courtroom? Let us pretend that he is innocent of these charges (I don't know if he is or not). Let us also pretend that someone was charging you with the same crime. You are told that you will face charges if you speak publicly about the case and/or charges against you. How would you feel?

If anything I would think freedom of speech would be most important if you are in Michael's glove right now. Charged with crimes and cannot speak about those charges in public. Doesn't quite seem fair to me. I don't care how famous a person is... does that mean they are denied rights in the Constitution that less-than-famous people may have?

What do you think?