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Ah. So you're not giving credit to Manning for beating Denver (or KC on the road) in a loser-goes-home matchup.

Right. Sure. Yeah. I'd love to see you in a locker room. "Hey guys! Nothing big about this one! Just sleepwalk through it!!"

Yet you keep bringing up "9-0" in defense of Brady when the Oakland victory during their first playoff run shouldn't have been and he got knocked out of the Pitt game that year (Bledsoe coming in was a huge pickup for the Pats in that game).

BTW, name the starting QB of the only team to miss the playoffs the season between two Super Bowl victories. Who is that?

When Manning wins, it's you attempting to discredit. When Brady "wins", it's all about Brady.

Sorry, but you were way on the wrong side of the logic curve to begin with and you're venturing further and further in the wrong direction.

Let me see if I understand this - You're arguing that Manning can win the big game because this year he beat Denver at home and last year he beat KC
on the Road? And that Brady has a weakness because he only led his team to the Super Bowl 3 out of the last four years, not four in a row? Or that one time in his 9-0 streak Bledsoe came in in relief? Ok you convinced me, I'm wrong. I conceed, your arguements are just too powerful.